Saturday, November 15, 2014

Night Full of Fun and Frolic With Delhi Call Girl

Being a Delhi escort girl can be a lot of fun especially during the festival times. This is the time when business is at its peak due to the number of people coming to Delhi. During this Holi season, we had a lot of requirements for the escort services and the agency that i work for was falling short due to the number of requirements that had come in. I was asked to accompany a client who was one of our regular clients as he had to go out of town for a couple of days for a business trip. He had called in asking the agency to arrange for an escort that could be with him.
He was on his way to Bombay and was staying there for a week. The agency had asked me to escort him during his trip. We were staying at a five star hotel, since he was busy during the days with his meetings, he had told me that i could go out wherever i wanted and had made arrangements for a car to take me all over, however in the evenings he had plans for both of us. While most of the nights were the usual going out and coming back and having fun, there was this one night which was very different. That was the day when my client did not have much work and he had happened to come back by afternoon. As he was back early, he had decided to go out and made plans for the entire day
This was the day when I really got to know why he was one of our best clients as this was my first time with him, it started off by us going out for a movie at a place, after the movie, the client had booked a table for both of us at a good restaurant which was one of the best in Bombay. He had asked me to order everything of my choice, including a few drinks. Once we had our lunch, we then headed off towards the sea side at a place called Juhu Chaupathi. This was my first time in Bombay so for me it was a lot of fun. We spent some time there and then proceeded back towards the hotel as it was almost evening time. He had already made a few arrangements back in the hotel where he had requested for a bottle of Champaign in the room itself.
As a Delhi call girl one of main responsibilities is to make our clients happy. Since he had paid for all the services that we offered, that night he wanted me to give him an erotic massage. He had set the mood just right for that by dimming the lights, having some soft music and had brought me a very nice satin lingerie which he wanted me to wear at the time when i was giving him a massage. After the massage he then wanted me to do a strip tease along with sensually touching each other. During the due course of the night he had opted for various sexual services that i offered, some of the services that he wanted for me also included the Special Girl friend experience, The completion service which included oral sex and regular sex and finally enjoying a shower together. As this was the last night and he had been really nice to me, i offered to give him a few extra services complementary which included giving him a hand job just before we could leave back to Delhi.